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About Summit Capital

Building a company from scratch and selling it to unlock generational wealth is the dream of every entrepreneur.

Few succeed because there are no shortcuts.

A strategic growth advisor provides the perspective you need to guide you to the summit of potential.

At Summit Capital International we help business owners position their company to sell at the right time for the highest price and best deal terms.

Most business owners don’t properly plan before selling their business.

The result is an exit that potentially leaves millions on the table as a result.

We provide a holistic approach to company growth. We work with our clients to help them grow via acquisition, optimize their operations and positioning to appeal to the right buyer, and seamlessly exit their business whenever the business is ready.

Selling your business is a process.
We guide our clients through the 3 stages:

  • Being ready mentally and emotionally to sell
  • Identifying whether the market will pay an amount that makes you excited to sell
  • Preparing the company to ensure it is ready to sell
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Our Team

Our team at Summit Capital International is here to guide you and advise you at every step along this path. Our mission is to ensure you reach the summit of your potential. This means passing your company to the right partner who will cultivate your customer, take care of your staff, and continue your legacy.

Geoff Matthews Summit Capital

Geoff Matthews

After 6 years running a successful online business, Geoff sold the brand. He now focuses on helping companies go the distance to reach their full potential. His sell-side experience and corporate sales background bridges the gap between where founders are and where they need to be to succeed. Geoff focuses on visualizing what founders want to do next and how to make it happen. Based in Vancouver, Canada.
Julie Siragusa Summit Capital

Julie Siragusa

Julie spent 20 years in real estate and lending before co-founding an online brand. Now she combines her knowledge of e-commerce and deal-making to bring buyers and sellers together. Julie aims to support our clients to achieve the best deal terms and outcomes while remaining focused on helping clients reach their long-term goals. She is dedicated to cultivating relationships and is the steady hand guiding every one of our deals. Based in Chicago, Illinois.
Marissa Begin VP of Marketing

Marissa Begin

Vice President Of Marketing
Marissa has a background in marketing working on campaigns for Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Dan + Shay, Former NFL Titan’s Player, Tim Shaw, and entrepreneurs, influencers, and musicians for a decade.
Cristina Cortes Summit Capital

Cristina Cortes

Vice President Of Operations
Cristina has over 10 years of experience in project management and operations with a background in law and finance. While practicing law, she drafted and supervised $20-$30 million contracts for several companies. As Operations Manager for Summit Capital, Cristina is eager to utilize her project and account management experience in a support function to ensure the deal team stays the course. Based in Salamanca, Spain.
Coran Woodmass - CEO Summit Capital International

Coran Woodmass

Co-Founder / CEO 
Coran is passionate about helping founders reach the summit of their potential. With over 7 years of e-commerce and M&A advisory experience, he’s negotiated and managed numerous deals as a strategic advisor to both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. As an investor and entrepreneur himself, Coran’s built businesses from the ground up and negotiated his own exit successfully. He founded Summit Capital International to provide a suite of growth and acquisition services to find an edge over your competitors. Based in Austin, Texas.
Leanne Woodmass Summit Capital

Leanne Woodmass

Co-Founder / COO 
Leanne is the compass guiding Summit Capital. With a background in e-commerce businesses, systems integrations, and corporate change, Leanne supports the deal team by ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. She translates a company’s growth plan into executable steps including due diligence and post-acquisition integration strategies. Based in Austin, Texas.